Key words


Small farmers, food safety, nature friendly agriculture, organic agriculture, local seeds, local tastes, biodiversity, fair trade, sustainability.


Current situation


Small farmers around the world have been loosing their productivity and competitivity against the Agricultural Corporations and the bigger food industry.


The ever diminishing  small farming and subsequent migration to towns and cities cause in return not only social problems in the city life but also the ruin of rural cultures and traditional productions.


The priority for the Agricultural Corporations and the food industry has been to boost their financial profits. As a result, seeds are made hybrid, the variety of produces presented to the market is decreased and hundred years of precious work of small farmers is disregarded.Therefore, as a global trend, the culinary culture is impoverished. Even though environmental and health risks caused by the chemically treated food products increased the demand for the organic, the high value of the latter couldn’t develop a favorable market solution desired both by the consumer and the supplier in most of the countries. An expansive sale mechanism that enables consumers to buy their organic and natural products directly from the producers still remains minimal. In addition to that, the ruling model of organic farming  in most developing countries is based on monocultural one produce and export only strategies and therefore is not providing  a cure to the erosion of biodiversity, local seeds and of local culture.


While industrial organic seeds offer expanded productivity and shelf life, our mission as to defend clean products that are produced by local seeds that carry higher nutritional values and taste of generations. Mathematics do not always approve advantages of our mission, however we can take into account the climate change that really requires application of much wider range of seeds on our soils, as an insitu laboratory that will help to sustain planet’s food sovereignty and minimized risks of distinction. We can take a look for the examples of current Peru efforts and the past  “Great Irish Famine”.


Nature friendly communities can adapt self-sustained production methods with local seeds. Those people with social, cultural and environmental values and happiness before the economic concerns are (a non-yet scaled) richness for our countries and the planet. This richness also depends on how much “we” protect and respect the traditions and customs of our small farmers all around the globe. We have a lot  to learn from the rich cultural heritage that they have accumulated for centuries while it is also our responsibility to provide them with the education and the training for their development.


The use of technology onbehalf of our traditions, small farmers and biodiversity


The website –– introduces small farmers to larger public and serves as a springboard to e-commerce their products.


With the help of a map, the users are able to point out the small farmers all around the country. On each allocated location, the small farmers introduce themselves, their farming methods and their products. Thus, farmers can present their products as a trade mark and the consumers are able to buy their organic products directly from them.


Taking into consideration the world’s decreasing energy sources, climate changes, increasing food prices and ever growing comsumer anxiety to have access to healthy products and food, the project aims to achieve the following points:



1. Trademarking of small farmers


The website is the meeting point of consumers and producers. The producers who have already proved their ethical approach to farming and whose products have already reached consumers’  satisfaction, will be able to reach a much wider market. Farmers who are under the umberalla of declare that they don’t use any chemical additives or any genetically modified seeds. The website does not require any membership fee.


2. Freedom of pricing


Farmers promote their products by providing information to the consumers on things such as production area, production method, seeds used, etc…and they will price their products in retail bases, according to their preferences.


3. Competitiveness of organic products through  e-commerce


Through our e-commercing network, the farmers function on a platform where competition will give rise to higher quality organic and nature friendly agriculture products whereas the prices will tend to drop due to increasing demand by the consumers.


4. Sales without an intermediary


Within fair trade basis, our organisation invoice the producer 10% of the product value. The freshness of the products is guaranteed by direct and fast delivery from producer to the consumer. The invoicing is made by the farmer (the farmers that are exempt from the income tax do not invoice).


5. “Farmers” guarentee of our food safety and local seeds


By supporting small farmers who have been using local seeds for their products for hundred of years, we will decrease our dependence on foreign import while protecting our countries’ biodiversity. The consumers will have to have access to wide range of products that offer rich nutritional values. To support production by local seeds since hundred of years of small farmers, will both decrease our dependence on import and support production of our bio-diversity. Consumers will be able to reach products with diversified tastes and nutritious assets at first stage from reacher pool of choices.


For any country…


We are ready to serve our software and knowledge-systems for free (*) for any country. Please apply by e-mail for further details:


(*): If you believe in importance of local small farmers and feel strong enough to sustain this project in your country.

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